BabyBlue Who?

Baby: Not quite 1 year yet. My blue eyes inspire greatness – and blogs. Some may call me a heartbreaker, but I prefer heartwarmer.

Toddler: Three-going-on-30-year-old. My parents tried so hard to raise me to be a weirdo (they say “unique”), but they let me watch Frozen once and it took over my brain, just like everyone else’s. Everyday is coronation day.

Mom: Total children’s book nerd. When other teenagers were hanging out at the mall with friends, I was forcing mine to sit in a semi-circle at my feet so I could read books to them. Good stories are ageless.

Dad:¬†Communicator extraordinaire, mind-reader, car guy. A little too cool for nerd-status, but he tries. May make a cameo here and there…we’ll see.

We are a family of word-lovers. We don’t waste time on bad books and neither should you!