Barnyard Dance

review of barnyard dance by sandra boynton on Warning: Barnyard Dance is NOT to be read at bedtime, as it will get your children all riled up. Which someone probably told you not to do. This book is a rootin’ tootin’, pig twirlin’, chicken spinnin’ good time. If you’re reading it right, you should be tired when you get done. But the kids…they’ll want to read it again and again until you cannot possibly slide with the sheep one.more.time.

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Sandra Boynton is the J.K. Rowling of toddler rhyming books. And Barnyard Dance is her Deathly Hallows. Her masterpiece. All of Boynton’s books are mesmerizing, and fun to read over and over until you have them memorized, but this one takes the cake.

I first bought this book for my nephew, back when I didn’t really know what kids were or what to do with them. He loved it so much that I thought “Hey, maybe I’m a natural at this childcare thing!” Bahahahaha [snort] yeah right. But skillz or not, properly reading this book to a child (aka: doing all the dance moves) will make you their favorite person until someone else shows up with food.

cover of barnyard bath as reviewed on babybluereviews.comBut wait, there’s more!

And if you just can’t get enough of those crazy dancing creatures, there’s also a waterproof version, Barnyard Bath! Why don’t ALL of my favorite books come in bathtub versions? HELLO?! A Wrinkle in Time seems highly appropriate. Someone get on that.

Barnyard Dance is one of my top recommendations for baby shower gifts, as it’s entertaining from birth until…whatever age one becomes jaded and annoyed by “kid stuff”.

Which is your favorite Sandra Boynton book? Have you memorized it? Do you fight with your mom-friends over how to sing the song, like the moms from The Break Womb?


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