Holiday Logistics Scare the Crap Out of Me

We are bad at holidays. Did you know that was possible? Bad at holidays.

I mean, every American holiday is weird in a multi-cultural family. Sort of uncomfortable, even. I know all the goofy traditions for each holiday and kind of feel like eh, maybe we should follow them like everyone else, but then I know my husband doesn’t have our weird holiday celebrations ingrained in him from birth so should we do a little of it? Nothing at all? Something entirely different?

You’d think after 11 years of marriage, we’d have this all figured out, but for some reason holidays have always been on the back burner for us. As in, We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day next year.

Or not…

For 11 years.

Now we have kids so it’s important to instill traditions in them early-on and make holidays magical. Except…how? what? why?

patriotic red and blue drizzled star cookies
I’m not even gonna attempt something like this. I may use a cookie cutter to make star-shaped sandwiches and call that good enough.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, so naturally we are scrambling to make plans today. Edit: I am scrambling to make plans today. Rares is living his life, oblivious to my desperation to celebrate this thing properly. But this is going to be our year! There will be watermelon and a cookout, a parade, possibly matching patriotic clothes. We just got a grill and a toddler-sized Adirondack chair, so I think we get some bonus Americana points for that.


My deepest holiday fears

My question for other parents is, how the heck do you take small children to an Independence Day celebration? It’s a perfect storm of not-kid-friendly elements. After dark: check. Loud, scary noises: check. Line for the bathroom is a mile long: check. All the food is either lava-hot and fried or a heap of sugar: check. Sit in traffic afterwards with sugared-up, tired, angry children screaming in their car seats while you internally berate yourself for stepping out of the house that day: check.

Am I wrong?

Usually I’m such an optimist, but doing holidays with kids scares the crap out of me. It just sounds like so. much. work. I’m one who always needs a weekend to

healthy holiday friendly dessert
Here’s a patriotic dessert I could make myself without crying!

recover from the weekend. Add one more thing to my plans and I may break down! So this Fourth of July will be a grand experiment. How do my kids handle all the excitement? How do I handle the stress? It may be awesome or it may be a total miserable failure.

But you know what? The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. I’m ready to start enjoying it again. So I’m gonna hitch up my big girl pants with some red and white striped suspenders and make this thing happen.


I would love to know how you people do holidays. I know I have some friends who do amazing things for every holiday and make it a huge deal for their kids. Where do you find the energy? How do you deal if your kids aren’t as excited as you? Does that even happen? Am I totally over-thinking this? LOL Tell me.




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