Frolic First Faith Books Make Faith Fun

My brain is too worn out to think today. Who’s with me? I fell asleep with Enzo at nap time and woke minutes later to a loud BANG coming from…who knows where. It was probably just stuff falling off the flimsy shelves in my brain, right? Ugh. Now I’m in a major fog.

So I’m going to just give it to you straight on these books. They’re perfect. [Close that jaw, you.] I have higher standards for Christian books than for other books, so that’s a big statement, right there. Frolic First Faith books totally make faith fun for little kids – and do an excellent job of guiding parents in sharing their faith with their kids.gods wonderful world

How do they make faith fun, you ask

Somehow, in like 20 cardboard pages and 50ish words each, these books manage to suck you into their world. Each book has the same characters, so you get to know and love them – although you don’t learn their names in the board books, which is unfortunate. (From the publisher’s website I gather that the preschool-level books give the animals names.) The illustrations are adorable, telling the story quite clearly even without the words.

Why this mama’s a Frolic Fan

We’ve only had Pray to God for a few weeks and Fiopray to godna is already “reading” it to Enzo and reciting it to herself while she plays. The books aim to introduce basic faith concepts to little ones, and I say they knock it out of the park. The simple, age-appropriate lessons teach that God is part of everything we have and do, from our five senses to making new friends.

Each book has a section for parents with brief information on how to use the story to aid in child development and making faith connections. This is something I’m always thinking about as I attempt to raise kids who ponder and own their faith rather than just accept their parents’. god finds us

I can’t wait to read God Finds Us, which teaches object permanence, visual search, and positional words, while also teaching that God is everywhere and he will always love us and find us. How cool is that?! If you’ve read any of the Frolic First Faith books, do you have any favorites? Let me know so I can add those to our collection next!



Since originally posting this, we have gotten God Finds Us (as excellent as I expected), Got Made Us All, and God Made Feelings. They ALL have the characters’ names in them. LOL so apparently only the first couple we read did not have their names. It’s the little things, eh? We’re also exploring the First Faith Bible right now, so keep an eye out for that one in a toddler Bible comparison post.

The books we’ve read and reviewed are for ages 0-3, but Frolic also has books and materials to make faith fun for older children. You can find their complete range of products by clicking here. The older kids’ books look like the picture at the right.



Mom’s review: I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about these. I’d be surprised to find other books for 0-3 that introduce faith concepts as well as these do – but I will be keeping an eye out.

Toddler’s review: Mom gets pretty excited when I say the lines from these books. More so than when I recite Shakespeare. I don’t get it, but I’ll take it. More high fives for me! Plus there’s a goat! And a sheep! And a hedgehog! I like to look at these books by myself, even if Mom’s not reading them.

Baby’s review: These are our tastiest books. Mommy says she’ll get more for me to chew on, but I like the old familiar teeth marks in the ones we already have.





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