Toddler-Made Granola: My First Mompreneur Pitch

Why Mompreneur?

Terms like Mompreneur and Mommy Blogger irk a lot of people. Frankly, I’m a little confused how these could be derogatory terms. (I mean, some people can make anything derogatory, but aside from them…) I think Entrepreneur says that’s your full-time gig, while Mompreneur says you’re juggling children and a business. Likewise, Mommy Blogger either means you blog about being a mommy or you juggle children and blogging. Either way, it’s not easy. We can all agree it’s harder to have two full-time jobs than one, riiiiight?

As for me, I hold both titles with pride. Some men are surprised that highly educated, successful, ambitious women would choose to stay home with their children, rather than carry on with their careers after giving birth. While this could be interpreted as ignorant, I choose to see it as flattering. They’re bummed that 10 million skilled, creative women are “missing from the workforce”. Thank you, businessmen, for acknowledging that you need us.

With just one child, I was able to maintain her and an awesome part-time marketing job from home. But with two kids…ay caramba. Mr. BabyBlue himself must be held or entertained every waking minute, or he will throw a fit. This makes holding a “real” job impossible. Therefore, I blog and I brainstorm.

toddler made granola is mompreneur pitch 1 on babyblueblog.comIf you’re looking to invest in a new start-up, consider my latest business concept:

The BabyBlue family will be packaging an artisan, toddler-made granola, harvested from the snack crumbs and stickers found in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

Toddler-made, toddler-approved!

Nutritious and colorful flavors include Pretzel Glitter Trolls, Cashew Raisin Cars and Trucks, and a ’90s kid favorite: Peanut Butter Lisa Frank! We cannot verify if our granola is naturally or artificially flavored or if it contains any allergens. This is really about living on the edge, throwing dietary caution to the wind. Just like a toddler. #YOLO

Each individual serving size will come lovingly stuffed into one of Daddy’s socks (Whose Daddy? Who knows!) by our Quality Assurance Prodigy, 3-year-old Fiona. We plan on selling in Whole Foods and Toys ‘R Us.

A great investment opportunity

If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of this industry-disrupting business, please email with the amount (in millions) you would like to invest. Note: for the last time, we do not accept payment in hugs or crayon portraits.

If you’re a Mompreneur or a Mommy Blogger, do those names bother you? I’d love to hear why or why not, from others’ perspectives. What did you do before you became a mom? Also, share a link to your blog or business so I can check out your work. Yes, this is in fact a MOMTERROGATION!

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